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    Stop Fuel Theft, Prevent Diesel Spills, Avoid Overfilling And Save Your Company Thousands!

    Protect Your Diesel from Fuel Thieves - Proven to be the Most Effective Fuel Security Devices!

    TankSafe Standard Anti-Siphon Device

    The MOST effective anti-siphon in the world at preventing 3rd party theft.

    1. Prevents 3rd Party Theft

    Patent-pending solid ‘Dome’ base sits high in the chamber and has been independently proven to offer 75% more siphoning protection than the nearest competing anti-siphon.

    2. Reduces Fuel Skimming

    Minimizes the amount of fuel that can be skimmed, however still leaves up to 10 litres of fuel exposed to theft in a 330 litre tank.

    3. Attack Proof

    100% aluminium manufacture & ’Dome’ base means it is impossible to bypass the anti-siphon. ‘Easyfit’ permanent or Transferrable fitting methods ensure the anti-siphon is secure in the tank.

    4. Fast Fill & No Splashback

    Solid ‘Dome’ base ensures the device fills at 120 litres per minute with no adverse effects, unlike other anti-siphons which cannot accept fast filling pumps. The ‘Splashguard’ at the top of the antisiphon neck prevents any spitting and splashback.
    TankSafe Standard Anti-Siphon Device - Cargo Defenders is your 24hr security guard protecting your fleet!
    Most EffectiveWorld’s leading anti-siphon for preventing 3rd Party Theft.
    Rapid FillingTested at flow-rates of 120 litres per minute.
    Quality Manufacture100% Aluminium manufacture means no issues with corrosion.
    Quick & Easy Fitting‘Easy-fit’ Permanent or Transferrable fitting options available.
    1,017 customersIncluding: WH Malcolm, Hanbury Davies, Reality, Fraikin.

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