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    Cargo Defender Tail-Lift Alarm

    Cargo Defender  Tail-Lift Alarm

    The Cargo Defender Tail-Lift Alarm is designed to monitor and prevent unauthorized use of a trucks tail-lift. Cargo thieves commonly gain access to the cargo on board a truck or trailer by lowering the tail-lift.

    When an alert is activated the security alarm sets off an extremely high decibel audio alarm to deter the intruder along with alerting programmed contacts by email or sms.

    The systems on line security platform allows your fleet manager to monitor and control the system from any computer or smart phone with internet access.

    The platform displays the location of the truck/trailer and instantly displays any alarm events.
    The user can remotely arm disarm the security system through the platform.

    Security System Features:
    Suitable for rigid trucks and trailers.
    Can be installed on either 12V or 24V vehicles.
    Backup battery supply keeps the system active when the power is disconnected.
    The system can monitor barn doors, roll up doors and tail lifts.
    The system continuously logs all trailer activities including:
    -When, where, and for how long the trailer access points were open.
    -When and where the system was Armed/Disarmed.
    The 110dB High Output Audio Siren sounds when alarm is activated.
    A GPS/GPRS device links the Cargo Defender system with the cloud based platform.

    Cargo Defender  Tail-Lift Alarm
    Platform Features:
    The platform can be access from any computer or smart phone with internet access.
    The Truck/trailers location is displayed.

    The security system can be remotely Armed/Disarmed from the platform.
    Any active alarms are instantly displayed on the platform dashboard.

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