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    Cargo Defenders is your 24hr security guard protecting your fleet!

    The Sunday Business Post - Security System Provides Highdecidel
Solution to Cargo Theft.
    Security System Provides High-Decidel Solution to Cargo Theft
    Aidan Robb CEO Cargo Defenders: The Anti - Theft System will hit the market later this year.
    Aidan Robb CEO: Anti - Theft System will hit the market later this.

    What it does: Security Solution for Haulage Firms.

    Why it works: “The technology we have developed detects the trailer curtain being cut [by thieves]. It then sets off an extremely high-decibel alarm as well as sending an alert to the control centre or whoever is managing the fleet." - Aidan Robb, CEO

    By Donal Connolly-Gorman

    Television programme Crime Call gave Donegal student Aidan Robb the idea for a new security venture. While watching a reconstruction of a haulage theft incident, Robb noted that the thieves only had to cut through the canvas curtains of a trailer to make away with the goods inside. “what the gang had done was park alongside a truck, which was in a secure truck stop,” he said. “they then waited until the driver was asleep late at night and cut the curtain of the trailer and unloaded the truck’s content into the stolen van. I was watching it and thought to myself, ‘That’s too easy’.”

    A college project gave Robb the opportunity to develop a system that could protect goods transported in curtain-sided trailers. in collaboration with his electrician brother and support from the CoLab Incubation Centre in the Letterkenny Institution of Technology, he came up with a high-tech solution to deter thieves. Robb’s business plan won him the first prise in a local competition, giving Cargo Defenders €2000 in start-up funding and valuable mentoring support.

    The anti-theft system will hit the market later this year, aimed at international haulage firms operating long-haul routes with overnight stops. "The technology that we have developed detects the trailer curtain being cut. It then sets off an extremely high-decibel alarm as well as sending an alert to the control centre or whoever .is managing the fleet. It can also pick up the GPS location of the truck and sends on that information, too," said Robb.

    Along with the haulage firm, Robb has received queries from insurance companies. He hopes that potential savings on insurance premiums for haulage operators will boost sales. "Our target market is the haulage industry, but one of the main stake- holders are the insurance companies - they would be just as interested as the haulage companies. They would be the guys saving money on claims if my products are installed in trucks," he said .

    Cargo Defenders is developing a wireless system and plans to launch a self-installation kit in the future. "The scale of cargo theft across Europe is pretty huge. It's a multi billion euro problem. As far as reported cargo crime goes, the figure is up at €8 billion - and that's only reported; a lot of it goes unreported," said Robb.

    Cargo Defenders also sells other technologies, such as anti-fuel siphoning devices. It has received Enterprise Board funding of €6000. Enterprise Ireland under its completive start fund, has also invested €50,000 in the firm in return for 10% ordinary equity stake in the company. Aged just 26, Robb represented Ireland at the global student entrepreneur award finals, held in New York last November. On setting up in business, he advised other first-time entrepreneurs to keep an eye on costs. “a young person starting up will have extremely limited resources, so make the most of what you’ve got,” he said.

    “Don’t jump into making purchases to keep your costs down. We did a lot of prototyping and the €6000 from the Enterprise Board can go quite quick with some of the buys. If you don’t look into your purchases, it could be wasted money. So, research what you are going to buy before you spend the money. Once its spent, its spent.”

    Robb is still in college, completing the final year of a degree in business management in Letterkenny Institute of Technology. “it is a lot of work, but I finish in May and I can dedicate myself to the business,” he said.

    “There is a lot of help out there for young businesses, nobody can say there isn’t. The County and city Enterprise Boards should be the first port of call. “A lot of the Institutes of Technology also have attached business centres, so contact them. Ours in Letterkenny is the CoLab Incubation centre, which is part of the IT, but its an independent entity. They are there to help anybody who comes in with a business idea, and will help you out.”

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