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    Masked Robbers Steal East Coast Changing Mats at Knifepoint

    A lorry carrying goods from East Coast Nursery to a customer in Spain was broken into while the driver had stopped in a layby on the A12 in Essex.

    Three men in balaclavas slit the lorry’s side curtains at around 5am, and when the Spanish driver got out of his cab to intervene he was threatened with the knife. The thieves managed to take around 2000 changing mats - more than half the stock he was carrying. Most lorries used by East Coast are rigid, however this was a Spanish vehicle with curtained sides, leading the company to suspect this was an opportunist theft.

    Eric White, executive chairman of the East Coast Group, said “Our main concern was for the driver. He came back here and stayed the night. He was very traumatised”.

    While East Coast are working to remake the changing mats and complete the customer’s order, they are asking people to be vigilant in looking out for the stolen stock. The story has been covered widely by the local press, and East Coast would like to ask all retailers to be aware of the theft, in case they are offered a quantity of these changing mats for sale. The stolen mats can be identified as they carry a white packaging label with Spanish “Cojin Cambiador” and Portuguese “Almofada Mudador”, and the product codes 182044 (Pink), 099012 (Neutral), and 399620 (Blue).

    If you suspect you have been offered some of this stolen stock, please contact PC Dan Bennington or his colleagues at Chelmsford CID on 101, or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


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