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    Cargo Defenders is your 24hr security guard protecting your fleet!

    • Patent Pending Smart Trailer Curtains
    • Protects Trailer from all Entry Points
    • The Ultimate Curtainsider Security System
    • Your 24hr Security Guard Protecting your Fleet
    • The Curtain Side Trailer Security & Monitoring System
    • Cargo Theft is a Multi Billion Euro Problem Across Europe

    Install the Cargo Defender
    High Security Trailer Curtains to your Fleet

    Cargo Defenders Ltd manufactures a range of high security smart trailer curtains. These curtains are designed to monitor and detect any form of tampering for example an intruder attempting to slash the curtains with a knife.

    Once the smart trailer curtains detects any form of tampering a wireless message is sent from the curtains to the Cargo Defender alarm system fitted to the trailer. The alarm system instantly sets of 120DB siren that blasts the cargo area to detur the intruder and send an alert to our cloud based platform.

    Benefits of Installing our Security System:

    • Reduce insurance rates for trailer and goods in transit cover.
    • Protects against CURTAIN SLASHING and CARGO THEFT.
    • Reduce the risk of illegal immigration thus reduce the chance of large fines.
    • Protect the reputation of your company by delivering the cargo on time and intact.
    • Reduce downtime and man hours that a cargo theft incident will cause.
    • Increased driver safety.
    Cargo Defenders - The Newest Security System for Curtain Side Trailers

    Cargo Defenders Ltd developed a new innovative security system for the logistics industry to help protect curtain side trailers from curtain slashing and cargo theft which is a growing problem in the industry. The security system is also designed to help prevent illegal immigrants gaining access to the trailer reducing the risk of large fines from customs and immigration authorities.

    Cargo Defenders - The Newest Security System for Curtain Side Trailers

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