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    Cargo Defenders is your 24hr security guard protecting your fleet!
    • Get complete control of your fleet with live GPS Tracking at Cargo Defenders
    • Improve your fleet's efficiency and reduce operating costs at Cargo Defenders
    • Low cost european GPS Tracking at Cargo Defenders
    • Don't let your competition leave your business behind - Cargo Defenders
    • Increase driver and load security with our live alert monitoring at Cargo Defenders
    Cargo Defenders - The Newest Security System for Curtain Side Trailers

    Cargo Defenders fleet tracking system provides in-depth information on the current and past status of your operators and vehicles allowing you to reduce costs while increasing productivity.

    • Live Fleet Tracking
    • Reduce Labor Costs
    • Prevent Unauthorized Vehicle Use
    • Increase Fleet Productivity and Efficiency
    • Increase Fleet Security and Safety

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