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    Cargo Defenders Needs Your Help to Fight Cargo Crime

    Cargo Defenders - Needs Your Help to Fight Cargo Crime
    To help us design new security systems for the haulage industry to prevent cargo theft we need your help to understand the different ways criminals are gaining access to trailers and avoiding detection while they do so.

    We are also interested in gathering information on how illegal immigrants gain access to trucks and trailers to stow away across borders.

    You can help us by reporting incidences of cargo theft and illegal immigration along with photos if available.

    We would also be interested in your thoughts on how security could be improved in the haulage industry.

    Cargo Defenders - Needs Your Help to Fight Cargo Crime

    Cargo Defenders - Report A Cargo Crime
    Cargo Defenders - Fill out our Questionnaire.
    Send us your photos of Cargo Theft or Illegal Immigration.

    Thank you for your help to fight cargo crime!

    European Parliament Report
    Cargo crime has become such a major problem in the EU that the European parliament commissioned a report to be drawing up to understand the scale of cargo theft across Europe. The report showed the truly massive scale of the problem with over 8 billion Euros worth of cargo stolen from trucks in the EU every year and the majority of theft was due to curtain slashing.

    • €8.2 Billion Lost Per Year (5% Not Declared)

    • 60% Theft During Stops

    • 15% Hijacking/Armed Robbery

    • High Percentage of “Curtain Slashing”

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