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    Cargo Defenders is your 24hr security guard protecting your fleet!
    Cargo Defenders is your 24hr security guard protecting your fleet!

    Donegal News - Cargo Defenders Ltd. Provides Security Solutions for the Logistics Industry.

    Cargo Defenders Ltd provides security solutions for the logistics industry. Their main product ‘Cargo Defender’ is an innovative alarm based security system for curtain sided trailers which monitors and protects the cargo on board the trailer from all possible access points. Some of the other services offered by Cargo Defenders include cost effective GPS Vehicle Tracking and a range of fuel security products designed to prevent diesel theft. A full list of Cargo Defenders products and services can be seen at

    Donegal News - Cargo Defenders Ltd. Provides Security Solutions for the Logistics Industry.

    Aidan Robb, fonder of Cargo Defenders came up with his business idea in 2010 while watching crime stoppers. The programme highlighted the major problem of cargo theft in the UK especially from curtain sided trailers as they were the weakest link in the supply chain. When trucks were parked up organised gangs would slash the trailer curtain with a knife and steal a large amount of the cargo on board and sometimes the entire load.

    After returning from Australia Aidan returned to education and signed up to a business management programme in LYIT. As part of this programme Aidan was given the perfect opportunity to start researching the potential of designing a new security system for curtain sided trailers to prevent curtain slashing and cargo crime.

    Just as Aidan was finishing his business plan he spotted a local competition called ‘The Dragon Factor’ being run by the Craoibhin Enterprise Centre. The Dragon Factor was a competition designed to help people with a business idea put together a plan and get their idea off the ground.

    Aidan won the Dragon Factor and Donegal County Enterprise board one of the main sponsors of the competition awarded Aidan a feasibility grant to research the viability of the project. Cargo Defenders was born. With this grant Aidan was able to test his initial designs, he quickly discovered that his simple concept of protecting a curtain side trailer would turn out to be a lot more difficult and complex than he first anticipated. Aidan was not deterred and said “if it was easy it would have already been done” Aidan acknowledges that he has had a lot of help along the way from different organisations including County Enterprise Board, Enterprise Ireland, CoLab and the Donegal Development Company. Aidan also acknowledges the support he got from Duffy Express freight a large haulage company based in Newtowncunningham who gave him access to their fleet to develop and test their security system as well as providing advice on the haulage industry.

    What is the Cargo Defender security system?

    The Cargo Defender security system is designed to monitor and protect curtain sided trailers from all access points, preventing cargo thieves and illegal immigrants from gaining access to the trailer. It turns a standard curtainsider into a high security trailer/truck. Its main feature is the innovative smart trailer curtain tamper sensors which are fitted to the inner side of the trailer curtain. When a thief attempts to cut the curtain to gain access to the cargo the sensor immediately detects it and triggers the system. The other features include four unauthorised curtain opened sensors which detects an intruder attempting to open the trailer curtain. There is also an unauthorised back door or tailgate opened sensor and when any of these sensors detect an intruder, the system sets off a high decibel alarm and sends a text or email to programmed contacts. The system also triggers an alarm on the online security platform which shows exactly were the incident occurred. The security platform can be accessed from any computer or smart phone with internet access and allows fleet owners to monitor the security of their entire fleet.

    Alcohol Theft

    The product was mainly designed for the UK and European market as cargo crime is a multi billion euro problem across many EU countries. Ireland is not immune to cargo crime. Aidan recently completed a large order for a company based in Dundalk who kitted out their entire fleet with the new Cargo Defender system. The company delivers alcohol to pubs and hotels throughout Dublin. An organised gang was targeting the fleet and stealing boxes of spirits. The owner of the fleet says “these criminals are highly organised and only target spirits as they are the most lucrative in the black market”. The company was being hit once or twice a week and they don’t claim off there insurance due to the hours of paper work involved, so the lose is straight out of their pocket. Since installation of the Cargo Defender system a number of attempted robberies have already been prevented.

    Cargo Defenders are currently installing their security system for Cullen Transport, a local transport company who operate a modern fleet out of Letterkenny and have daily routes to Dublin and Belfast. Cyril Cullen the owner of Cullen Transport understands the importance of having high security on his fleet. “Cargo Theft can cause a lot of inconvenience and expense to our company and customers so installing the Cargo Defender system gives us the extra security we require” Aidan is now taking part in the Business Boot Camp Programme which is funded by the European Union’s INTERREG IVA Structural Funds Programme. Donegal County Council has been working with cross-border partners COMET (Councils of the Metropolitan Area) a partnership of six local authorities located within the Greater Belfast metropolitan area to deliver this program.

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