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    Cargo Defenders is your 24hr security guard protecting your fleet!

    The Daily Business Post - Startup Of The Day :: Cargo Defenders.
    Startup Of The Day - Cargo Defenders
    Cargo Defenders is your 24hr security guard protecting your fleet!

    Company: Cargo Defenders
    Late-Stage Development
    Founder: Aidan Robb
    CoLab Incubation Centre at Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Donegal County Enterprise Board and Enterprise Ireland
    What it does:
    Security System for the Haulage Industry

    By Philip Connolly

    Today's startup is Donegal-based Cargo Defenders, which has developed a security system to prevent cargo theft.

    Cargo theft in Europe is a multi-billion euro problem. So how can haulage companies protect themselves against theft?

    Cargo Defenders is developing a security system to protect goods transported in curtain-sided trailers. The Letterkenny-based company was set up by Aidan Robb in 2010.

    After watching a reconstruction of a haulage theft on the TV programme Crime Call, Robb had the idea to design a new security system and started to develop one as part of a university project.

    In collaboration with his brother, Barry, the company was set up with support by the CoLab Incubation Centre in the Letterkenny Institute of Technology. Currently three people are working on the project.

    The company has developed technology that detects a trailer curtain being cut. It then sets off a high-decibel alarm and a strobe light. The system will also send an alert to the fleet control centre, including the GPS location of the truck.

    "If you are parked in a truck stop overnight, there could be 100 trucks there," said Robb. "While there is usually security present, they may not know where an alarm is coming from. It draws attention to the trailer that is being attacked straight away."

    Cargo Defenders hope to bring the anti-theft system to market later this year. The company wants to get the system established in the Irish market before taking the product to Britain.

    "Our plan is to get the system on a number of test trailers locally," said Robb. "We have a company which has already agreed to trial the system. Our main market will be the UK. We have also been in touch with a company in South Africa who are looking to be our distributor there."

    Robb is hoping the system will prove cost effective through reduced insurance premiums for haulage companies. The company also hopes the system will allow companies to transport high-value goods without the fear of theft.

    The company was kick-started after Robb's business plan won first prize in a local business competition called "Dragon Factor", giving Cargo Defenders 2,000 in startup funding and mentoring support.

    Cargo Defenders has since received funding from its local Enterprise Board and Enterprise Ireland through the competitive start fund.

    Advice: "Get your idea down on paper and do a business plan. Once it is down on paper you can start to work through the things you would not have thought of."

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