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    Cargo Defenders is your 24hr security guard protecting your fleet!

    Prevent Cargo Theft with CurtainSafe from Cargo Defenders


    CurtainSafe at Cargo Defenders

    Security of a Box Trailer; the Flexibility of a Curtainsider

    Prevents TheftSlash-resistant material prevents thieves gaining access to loads.
    Increases Curtain’s LifespanPrevents internal damage to curtains from forklifts or shifting loads.
    Saves MoneyReduces need for costly repairs or replacement of curtains.
    Lightweight & FlexibleSince the material is lightweight, it does not impede curtains when they are scrolled back unlike chainmail and bodyarmour systems.
    Secure & Discreet FittingHeat welded to inside of curtains so material is not visible from outside.
    Easy to FitCan be retrofit or supplied at refurb or newbuild.
    28,000 Trailers FittedTo customers including Wincanton, Asda, Nestle, Interbrew, Electrolux.
    Range of ProtectionMaterial can be supplied at 0.75 metre, 1m, 1.5m, 2m or 3m high.

    CurtainSafe at Cargo Defenders

    CurtainSider Security

    DoorSecure Alarm

    Tail-Lift Alarm

    Anti-Siphon Device

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